PRTG Goes 64bit

2012-Aug-21 | Tags: 32to64monitornetwork

Start64!Today is an exciting day for the development team of PRTG. After months of development work our friendly automated buildmaster system "Jenkins" has built and uploaded the first public version of PRTG that uses a 64bit core server! You can now run PRTG with 64bit yourself by switching your PRTG installation to the "Canary" update channel (64bit Windows OS required).

Just don't do this with your production systems. Canary builds should be considered alpha versions and we strongly recommend you only install them on dedicated test systems!

Why is 64bit Important for PRTG?

The existing 32bit core server of PRTG could only manage up to 3 GB of memory. This was good for up to approximately 10,000-20,000 sensors (depending on the sensor types and graph settings used). To work with more than 10,000 sensors it was necessary to observe some rules and to work with certain limitations. Until today, our recommendation for sites that required more than 10,000 sensors was to split them up into multiple server installations and to stay well below 20,000 sensors on a single core server at all times. Otherwise, memory usage peaks could cause instabilities which often materialized as "Out of memory" messages in the core log.