The First 64-bit Opera 12 Snapshot Is Here with HTML5 Drag and Drop

2012-Mar-26 | Tags: opera

Start64!Opera may have seemed distracted with the release of Opera 11.60 and the subsequent minor updates, Opera 11.62 is just around the corner, but it's been working on the grand Opera 12 all the while.  It's ready to unveil some of the progress being made on Opera 12, which promises to be a major release. What's more, it's also debuting the first native 64-bit builds of Opera 12 for Windows and Mac OS X.

HTML5 drag-and-drop -  The latest Opera 12 snapshot, technically an alpha, also comes with an updated Preston, the layout engine in Opera. This brings support for HTML5 drag-and-drop, meaning that you'll be able to drag files from your desktop to add as attachments in Gmail for example.

Note that drag and drop doesn't actually work in Gmail since Google doesn't support the Norwegian browser, it's just an example of how the feature would be used.

Opera 64bit version

Opera 64bit version
Opera - 64bit software