HTC One M8i Trades Snapdragon 801 CPU for a 64-Bit Chipset, Coming to Europe, Asia

2015-Feb-16 | Tags: armsmartphone

Start64!News about upcoming HTC handsets have become more frequent in the last couple of weeks, which is proof that the Taiwanese company plans to be very active on the smartphone market in the coming months.

We have already reported on a mid-range Android smartphone, the HTC A53, earlier today, but that won’t be the only device launched by the handset maker in the coming weeks.

As per @Upleaks’ sources, HTC One M8i will be launched soon in Asia and Europe. The One M8i will be available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, China (OpenChannel, China Mobile and China Unicom), as well as European countries.

It’s a different version of the multi-awarded HTC One M8, which employs another chipset and camera, but apart from these changes there doesn’t seem to come with anything new in terms of hardware.