ARM: 64-Bit Smartphones with LTE to Sell for as Low as $70 in 2015

2015-Jan-22 | Tags: armsmartphone

Start64!If there’s one trend surfacing this year in the mobile industry, it's the fact that 64-bit smartphones are popping out everywhere for as far the eyes can see. And with this flood comes a slew of side-effects with the most important one being the acute lowering of pricing.

Mobile chip architecture behemoth ARM posted today on Twitter 15 predictions it has for the mobile industry in 2015. Some of them are pretty obvious, like 50% of the smartphones shipped in 2015 will be 64-bit capable, but there are others that are a bit more compelling.

64-bit handsets with LTE will get really cheap - For example, ARM states that in 2015, 64-bit smartphones with LTE will ship for under $70 / €61 for the first time. ARM is probably referring here to Chinese manufacturers, but still it doesn’t make this price point less impressive.