Cheap Nexus 6 Model to Pack a 64-Bit Processor

2014-Apr-26 | Tags: googlesmartphone

Start64!Recently, Mountain View-based Internet giant Google has been rumored to plan the release of a cheaper version of the Nexus 6 handset, which is reportedly set to land on shelves sometime towards the end of this year.

Up until now, Google and its hardware partners have released Nexus devices with high-end hardware packed inside, though with appealing price tags attached to them. However, it seems that this might change when Nexus 6 arrives this fall.

Apparently, the company has decided to release a cheap Nexus model that would target the entry-level market, though it seems that it will still pack it with appealing hardware inside.

Rumor has it that the phone will hit shelves at less than $100, and that it will sport a MediaTek processor inside, which should provide it with the possibility to deliver decent performance capabilities, despite its low cost.

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