64bit OSX hacking with Metasploit

2014-Mar-14 | Tags: apple

Start64!In the previous articles I was describing how to install and run 64bit OSX in KVM (in this example it is Mountain Lion 10.8.2), now lest focus on some simple exercise in creating an installer via Iceberg which would contain a meterpreter payload and will get executed once installed on the host.

Also I have installed an antivirus for OSX. According to some online review there are a few products that boast high ratings, one of them being Trend Micro Titanium. Also note that I have no firewall setup on the OSX.

There is a previous article describing a very similar approach for an old 32bit 10.6.x OSX here: http://astr0baby.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/hacking-osx-using-metasploit

In this test I have installed Trend Micro Titanium on OSX 10.8.2 and prepared an installer containing Java meterpreter payload. Here is a simple shell script to make things easier: