Exploiting Internet Explorer 11 64-bit on Windows 8.1 Preview

2013-Nov-07 | Tags: internet explorermicrosoftwindows8

Start64!Earlier this year, Microsoft announced several security bounty programs one of which was a bounty program for bugs in Internet Explorer 11. I participated in this program and relatively quickly found a memory corruption bug.

Although I believed the bug could be exploited for remote code execution, due to lack of time (I just became a father right before the bounty programs started so I had other preoccupations) I haven’t actually developed a working exploit at the time. However, I was interested in the difficulty of writing an exploit for the new OS and browser version so I decided to try to develop an exploit later. In this post, I’ll first describe the bug and then the development of a working exploit for it on 64-bit Windows 8.1 Preview.

When setting out to develop the exploit I didn't strive to make a 100% reliable exploit (The specifics of the bug would have made it difficult and my goal was to experiment with the new platform and not make the next cyber weapon), however I did set some limitations for myself that would make the exercise more challenging: