Start64!Intel may be constantly hedging on whether or not it will make ARM-based processors, but Advanced Micro Devices is much more proactive on the matter, having finally released a chip based on it: Opteron A1100. The ARM processor architecture has a serious advantage in terms of power efficiency over x86, and because of that, it has always been the preferred technology for small and mobile devices.

Start64!Although the previous Intel Atom architecture was only 32-bit and had some hard limitations baked in it, the new one supports both 32-bit and the 64-bit extensions, just like Intel’s other chips, although for the very first versions of this architecture, the 64-bit extension seems to have been disabled (probably to save cost, and because the OS wouldn’t need it at the time anyway).

ST Brings 64-Bit ARM Home

2014-Jan-09 | Tags: arm

Start64!NEW YORK -- STMicroelectronics is rolling out technology based on 64-bit ARM cores for future SoCs in the digital home space. The company, which makes high-definition and ultra-high-definition set-top-box ICs, has introduced its STi8K architecture, building on the deployment of ARM-based solutions including its Cannes, Monaco, and Alicante product lines.

Start64!Nvidia has been offering sneak peeks at its upcoming Tegra ARM chip at trade shows and other small venues in recent months, but at CES 2014 in Las Vegas the graphics company has finally unveiled the new Tegra. The chip previously codenamed Logan now has an official name, and it’s not Tegra 5 — this is the Tegra K1. Nvidia says it chose the name because this is not just a linear increase in power of Tegra 4, it’s a massive leap forward. Not only does Tegra K1 mark the debut of a new GPU, this ARM chip will be the first 64-bit mobile processor from Nvidia.

Start64!While Apple's ( AAPL ) iPhone 5S may not be the technological leap we all hoped it would be, one internal component apparently has manufacturers scrambling to catch up.

Start64!In public, Apple’s rivals in the smartphone market have tried to downplay the technological advances Apple introduced in the iPhone 5s. But it turns out that one breakthrough -- Apple's speedy, 64-bit A7 microprocessor -- has set off a panic inside its competitors.

Start64!Advanced Micro Devices has steadily been laying off the pressure on the high-end x86 processor market, seemingly leaving it all to Intel, but now it's confirmed that it was all part of a plan. A plan involving the ARM architecture that is.

Start64!We already knew AMLogic is about to release a quad core Cortex A9 SoC, previously codenamed AML8726-M8, but recently renamed to M80X family with 4 different SoCs, but the company has now officially announced the new M8 family, as well as M9 that will feature 64-bit ARM Cortex A5X cores with Mali T7XX GPU. Onda V975m, the first tablet based on M802 processor, was also part of the announcement. Price: 999 CNY (~$164).

Start64!Ever since Apple launched the iPhone 5S with a 64-bit ARMv8 processor (the A7), Android handset makers, Google and the various System-on-a-Chip (Soc) designers have been under pressure to bring 64-bit computing to Android. Just after Apple launched the iPhone 5S, Samsung’s CEO JK Shin confirmed that the Korean company planned to ship 64-bit SoCs next year.

Start64!Not wanting to be left behind and forgotten in the “who’s first to 64-bit” battle, Intel has announced that new devices coming out with Bay Trail (Intel’s tablet chip platform) sometime in 2014 will have 64-bit support enabled. Unlike ARM, Intel doesn’t need a new ISA, because they were already using the same x86-x64 ISA of theirs, it’s just that the 64-bit parts in the new Atom chips have been disabled, to lower costs.

Start64!Nathan Brookwood is an Analyst and Research Fellow at Insight 64, he is the source for the Forbes article The new Intel CEO has changed Intel’s policy, now deciding that it’s actually OK to manufacture ARM Processors in their Fab.

Start64!In what can only be described as highly ironic, Intel is set to make what will easily be one of the first quad-core 64-bit ARM processors. On Tuesday, Altera announced that its Stratix 10 system-on-a-chip (SoC) will incorporate a "high-performance, quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor."

Start64!Samsung confirmed at its quarterly results press conference for investors today that the 64-bit Exynos chipset it hinted about is ready for the spotlight.

Start64!Formerly Qualcomm's chief marketing officer, Anand Chandrasekher has been moved to a new position in the wake of negative comments about Apple's 64-bit processor.

Broadcom Tips Custom 64-Bit ARM Core

2013-Oct-17 | Tags: armserver

Start64!SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Broadcom jumped into the race to deliver 64-bit ARM SoCs for servers and comms infrastructure gear with plans for a custom core initially made in a 16 nm FinFET process. Broadcom will present its plans at the Linley Processor Conference amid a handful of announcements, including a new Freescale ARM-based SoC for comms gear.

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