Adopting the 64-bit ARM Architecture

2014-Nov-28 | Tags: armlearn

Start64!The ARM RISC architecture was introduced with the advent of ARMV4 and ARM7. This architecture could handle minimal instructions, and almost had no ability to perform mathematical calculations. With the inception of ARMv7 architecture, the processor design is drastically changed and immensely popular. One of the major segments in which the ARM operates, is in mobility devices. ARMv7 has facilitated its foray beyond the traditional ARM market. ARMv7 has three different profiles: Application, Real-time and Microcontrollers.

Symmetrical Multi Processing was the need of the hour. With Cortex A9, this became possible for ARM. Other than A9 chip, A5 was the cost-effective and included a low power core. As the Cortex grew in popularity and acceptance, ARM introduced the Cortex A7 with an inbuilt energy-efficient system for high battery life and low cost setup.

According to analysts, the new ARM 64-bit architecture is here to stay. After the huge success of the 32-bit architecture, ARM has launched the new 64-bit architecture. The 32-bit architecture was a major success, especially in the consumer devices applications...

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