HTC Desire 820 with 64-Bit Chipset Inside Gets Teased Ahead of IFA 2014

2014-Aug-21 | Tags: arm

Start64!If you though that the One M8 for Windows would be the only smartphone that HTC would bring on the market this fall, then think again. Shortly after introducing the said device at Verizon Wireless, HTC sent invitations to an event scheduled for September 4.

The press conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, during IFA 2014 trade fair, which is a clear indication that HTC plans to launch at least one other device for the remaining of the year.

We shouldn’t rule out the unveiling of the international version of HTC One M8 for Windows, but there’s a high chance that this event will be about mid-range smartphones mostly.

The folks over at G for Games have just spotted the first teaser of an unannounced device that will probably be launched as HTC Desire 820. The teaser shows the 820 number over some randomly taken picture of wildlife, a rocket being launched, a sports car while racing, a thunderstruck, and a speed boat.