Allwinner’s 64-bit Chip Will Bring Budget Android Tablets with 4K Video Capabilities Soon

2014-Jul-24 | Tags: androidarmtablet

Start64!Low-cost tablets will be getting better and better judging by the announcement budget chip manufacturer Allwinner made this week. As Liliputing notes, the company said it is planning to make its 64-bit ARM processors a reality by the end of the year. That means low-cost Android tablets taking advantage of this architecture will be equipped with 4K video decoding capabilities.

These new processors will take advantage of the ability to decode H.265 video, which is a 4K standard. What this means for the average tablet owners is that they will be able to shoot 4K video with the device or stream 4K to an external third-party display.

However, if users want to view video shot at 4K resolution, they will have to do so by bringing in the picture a 4K TV with HDMI.

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