Will Via’s 64-bit Isaiah II run both x86 and ARM code?

2014-Jul-12 | Tags: arm

Start64!Leaked benchmarks show Via’s 64-bit Isaiah II edging out AMD’s Kabini and trouncing Intel’s Atom Z3770, amid speculation it may run both x86 and ARM code.

German site 3Dcenter.org has published (translation) SiSoft Sandra benchmarks said to be leaked by Via Technologies subsidiary Centaur Technology for an upcoming Isaiah II architecture, the first major x86 refresh since the much neglected Via Nano. The benchmarks show the processor soundly beating the quad-core, 2.4GHz Intel Atom Z3770 (Bay Trail-T) tablet system-on-chip while edging out a 2GHz, quad-core AMD Athlon 5350 “Kabini” SoC.

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