Broadcom Tips Custom 64-Bit ARM Core

2013-Oct-17 | Tags: armserver

Start64!SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Broadcom jumped into the race to deliver 64-bit ARM SoCs for servers and comms infrastructure gear with plans for a custom core initially made in a 16 nm FinFET process. Broadcom will present its plans at the Linley Processor Conference amid a handful of announcements, including a new Freescale ARM-based SoC for comms gear.

With the news, Broadcom signals its plans to shift from MIPS to ARM for a broad array of products. It follows similar announcements from a handful of its top competitors.

"It's pretty clear ARM and the x86 will win out" in comms, said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst with the Linley Group in an email exchange.

"Seven of the eight top comms processor vendors have announced or deployed an ARM strategy," Gwennap said. "Once these ARM SoCs enter production, demand for MIPS and PowerPC chips will phase out over time," he said, noting ARM's new 64-bit architecture will be a key enabler to its gaining traction.