AMD Prepares 64-Bit ARM Consumer Application Processor

2013-Oct-04 | Tags: amd

Start64!AMD is going to be a key player on the ARM server market, but that doesn't mean it isn't designing ARM-based chips for other things. If recent rumors are true, we may soon have something competing with NVIDIA's Tegra processor.

The folks at the SweClockers website are the ones that have provided us, and the rest of the world, with this new information.

Essentially, Advanced Micro Devices is putting together a system-on-chip featuring several ARM Cortex A57 or A53 cores.

Those are general-purpose cores, which means they will be able to effectively carry out all the operations that a tablet is expected to handle.

Add to that a Radeon graphics processing unit and you really have everything you need to make a good, strong slate PC.