Editorial Editorial: iPhone's 64-bit architecture is pure marketing fluff

2013-Sep-11 | Tags: 32vs64armiphone

Start64!In an announcement that surprised absolutely nobody, Apple officially announced both the iPhone 5c and the flagship iPhone 5s today. The announcements were pretty underwhelming, leading to one video saying the S stands for "same," as in it's the same phone. Even Microsoft and Nokia were poking fun at Apple's new lineup via Twitter today.

One piece of "exciting" news that I've seen circulating the Internet is the fact that the new A7 processor in the iPhone 5s is built on a 64-bit architecture. Apple did a great job of mixing the performance improvements of the A7 with the fact that it's a 64-bit processor, so much so that many people are saying that the wider bus is a great improvement. It stands to reason that since the 64-bit architecture is twice as high as the 32-bit architecture, it just must be a much better thing to have. Heck, read many of the articles about the new iPhone and you'll see people publishing pieces touting how great this new "desktop architecture" is in the new iPhone.

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