First ARM Cortex-A57 64-Bit Processor Taped Out

2013-Apr-02 | Tags: arm

Start64!The ARMv8 architecture was what opened the door for ARM Holdings on the computer industry, as it adds support for 64-bit instructions, a must on modern PCs. Now, though, we get to see the first optimizations. ARM Holdings is collaborating with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), which happens to be the world's largest foundry.

ARM provided the Artisan physical IP, while TSMC implemented its memory macros. Everything was combined with RDA technologies enabled by the TSMC Open Innovation Platform design ecosystem.

Neither company said when the Cortex-A57 processor would be seen in devices, and this information probably won't be released for a while.

They did confirm, or at least ARM did, that the chip was taped out, meaning that the first manufacturing stages have kicked off.

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