NVIDIA updates Tegra roadmap: Kepler graphics, 64-bit processing on the way

2013-Mar-20 | Tags: armnvidia

Start64!NVIDIA is outlining plans for its next-generation Tegra processors for mobile devices… and for the generation after that as well. NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 chips are scheduled to hit the market this year, but in 2014 we’ll see faster chips with the same graphics core NVIDIA is currently using in the PC market.

By 2015 NVIDIA plans to launch a 64-bit chip which could be used as the guts of a PC, not just a phone, tablet or video game console.

The Tegra 4 processor coming this year is code-named Wayne, while the next-generation chip is code-named Logan. Along with Kepler graphics, it will include support for CUDA, which lets device makers tap into the GPU for speedier performance in certain tasks that aren’t necessarily related to graphics.

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