G.Skill TridentX F3-2666C11Q-16GTXD 4x 4GB 2666 MHz C11

2013-Feb-28 | Tags: memory

Start64!I don't need to say much about G.Skill as they are one of the most well established brands when it comes to enthusiast hardware. I've personally bought many sets of theirs over the years and each one has always met or exceeded my expectations. If you take a look at any motherboard QVL list, you'll more than likely find G.Skill on that list every time. I know I have. That small thing of having their memory kits with the board makers while building a product ensures that their modules work with nearly any motherboard on the market.

With having had so many G.Skill kits myself, I can personally attest to G.Skill's commitment to quality. For every platform I use in reviews, G.Skill has a product that I use, so when they told me they would be sending me their high performance TridentX kit, I was quite excited. Many of their kits have been on these pages in the past. This time, a heavy box arrived at my door - too heavy for its diminutive size. I covered one of G.Skill's other TridentX kits many months ago and was left rather impressed, although that kit didn't overclock by much. With a base speed of 2666 MHz, higher than the previous kit I tested, this is one blazing fast 16 GB kit.

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