64-Bit ARM Processors Will Be Released in 2014

2012-Oct-18 | Tags: armserver

Start64!According to surveys and market studies, many people around the world would like to see ARM-based processors in PCs and servers. If a certain plan pans out, this may happen next year. If not, there is always 2014.

Calxeda has decided on a development roadmap for its server platforms. Those $55 million (42 million Euro) it scored earlier this month (October 2012) will be put to use immediately, albeit not in the way some may hope.

What we mean to say is that there won't be an immediate influx of chips with support for all the technologies required today.

2013 will only see the arrival of the “Midway” platform, which for Calxeda is the second generation of system-on-chip devices.

The Cortex-A15 cores will act as the heart of the platform, and though Midway will offer good performance, higher memory support and hardware virtualization, it won't have 64-bit compatibility.

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