Patriot Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition 16GB DDR3-1866MHz Memory Kit

2012-Aug-06 | Tags: memory

Start64!There has been a love affair with the word “extreme” over the last few years. I really noticed the increase when “extreme” sports became popular, though it may well have happened prior without my noticing. Of course, using “sport” as a description of some of the activities is stretching it, also. Personally, I don’t consider tumbling down a hill and breaking limbs a “sport” so much as a moment of terribly unfortunate judgment.

Be that as it may, it suddenly seemed everything was labeled with “extreme”, from “Extreme Bikini Ice Fishing” to “Extreme Burritos” at Taco Bell. In the case of Taco Bell, you need to be seriously leery as to what the “extreme” may be referring to.

Labeling things as “extreme” is a seemingly new phenomenon. In the past, “extreme” items didn’t require the label, they simply were. I mean, really, did something like jousting require a label? Of course not. It was two guys on horseback trying to impale each other with lances, calling it “extreme jousting” would have simply been redundant. How about gladiator games? Do you really need to throw “extreme” on an event that involves people trying to kill each other while not being eaten by wild animals? That doesn’t need an “extreme” tag, it simply was extreme. Look at da Vinci, he was an artistic genius, a scientist generations ahead of his time and a brilliant scholar. With all of that going on, maybe you could make a case for referring to him as one of the “Extreme Masters”….

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