Mushkin 997070 16GB & 994071 32GB Redline Memory Review

2012-Jul-27 | Tags: benchmarkmemory

Start64!Memory capacities keep rising it seems with each new platform that comes out. Along with the increase in capacities comes an increase in speed that drives latency down and responsiveness higher. Intel's X79 platform has the ability to utilize up to 64GB of system memory in a quad channel configuration while the Z77 platform is still limited to dual channel configurations with four DIMM slots rather than the eight available on most X79 boards.

Ivy Bridge processors like the Intel Third Generation Core i7 3770K can still take advantage of up to 32GB of system memory due to the incredible memory controllers they have for the most part and can use this capacity with all four DIMM slots populated. Content creation is one of the drivers for increasing capacities with some programs actually utilizing up to 64GB of system memory to process the work stream.

Mushkin Redline Memory

At CES this year I saw more than a few demos with DRAM suppliers set up to show off what kind of performance the additional capacities can provide in terms of usability and the user experience mainly in terms of content creation. Today what I have to look at are a pair of modules from Mushkin. Each of the kits part numbers 997070 and 994071 utilize 8GB DIMMs to provide the 16GB and 32GB capacities of these Redline enthusiast level kits. Both offer timings of 10-10-10-27 at 1866MHz using just 1.5v applied to reach these latencies and speeds. Both sets are equipped with the latest versions of the Frostbyte (997070) and Ridgeback (994071) heat shields to deliver excellent cooling performance in any situation. Priced competitively at $129 for the 16GB kit and $259 for the 32GB kit, Mushkin is bringing the value and performance cards to the table. Let's see what these modules have to offer in terms of memory performance and overclocking to see if we still get "More"!