Start64!Introduced back in October last year, ADATA’s Premier memory series has just received the addition of a new set of 8GB memory modules, working at 1600MHz speeds, that are available in both DIMM and SO-DIMM form factors.  Compared to standard memory, these new Premier series modules are built only with DRAM chips that go through an extensive burn-in process designed to eliminate the parts that have a tendency to fail.

Once this process is finished and the DRAM memory is installed in the DIMM modules, ADATA claims that the Premier Series goes through another series of tests.

According to the company, these cover a wide range of failure scenarios that were encountered through years of field application, and which are also designed to uncover possible compatibility issues.

These new 8GB DDR3 modules will join ADATA’s existing 2GB and 4GB DIMMs running at 1333MHz or 1600MHz speeds.

Even though no information regarding the timings of the new DDR3 modules was provided by ADATA, the company did say that its 8GB Premier memory DIMMs required 1.5V in order to operate, which should make them compatible with most desktops and notebooks out there.