Start64!Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory modules are geared toward the enthusiast and overclocking communities. The reason the Vengeance memory modules can target these market segments is because they are selected for their high-performance and overclocking potential. In addition, all kits of Vengeance memory utilize an aluminum heat-spreader design that improves heat dissipation for overclocking and, if it matters, a sleek design that can be had in multiple colors.

The Vengeance memory kits examined today are designed for the new Sandy Bridge-E platform, as they utilize a quad-channel design. There is no real difference between dual, triple or even quad-channel memory kits, but since the host system can support a certain amount of channels there must be a certain amount of memory present for the system to run the appropriate amount of channels. That's the reason X58 motherboards required three modules to run in triple-channel mode and Sandy Bridge motherboards require two modules to run in dual-channel.