Patriot Viper Xtreme Series Division 4 Edition 32GB 1600MHz Quad Channel Memory Review

2011-Nov-19 | Tags: memory

Start64!Remember your first ever computer? I’ll bet you probably didn’t build it yourself either. Think real hard and try to visualize the box it came in, can you see the amount of memory it stated that was preinstalled on the sticker? Depending on how long ago it may have been kilobytes or megabytes. Back then the DIMMS it had were considered high density, or shall we say cutting edge? The gigabytes you have in your system now is a far cry from back then but as recently as 6 years ago 256 Mb was considered overkill.

With the announcement of the Intel X79 chipset the memory game has changed again. The X79 chipset can accommodate up to 64 Gb of quad channel memory which means that densities on each DIMM could accommodate up to 8 Gb. (based on an 8 DIMM slot configuration) These are the amounts of memory that were once reserved to server configurations. Without having to explain everything in detail, all this did not happen overnight. Of course Intel developed the processor and the chipset but memory manufacturers didn’t just pop a few modules on a piece of PCB and call it done. They had to go through not only their own development process but in the end had to be validated by Intel based on their qualifications. Patriot Memory is one of the first memory manufacturers to acquire Intel validation and have recently announced their latest line of Xtreme Series Quad Channel Modules called Division 4.