Mach Xtreme 16 GB RAM Kit Doesn't Bash Wallets

2011-Nov-16 | Tags: memory

Start64!Mach Xtreme didn't actually outright say what it was, but it promises that the price of the Urban Series Quad-Channel DDR3 memory kit will not be too hard on one's life savings. Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors have appeared and, with them, X79 motherboards with high aims for memory.

Mach Xtreme is adding its name to the list of companies that unleashed a quad-channel DDR3 kit for these platforms.

Not that there is anything shocking about this development, of course.

After all, the high-grade Intel chips demand matching RAM to back them up, being enthusiast parts meant for overclocking.

Mach Xtreme decided to, in a way, repeat what it did back in August instead of gunning for the greatest performance and capacity heights.