MSI LGA 2011 Motherboard Can Support 128GB of RAM

2011-Nov-14 | Tags: memory

Start64!Together with Intel's official announcement of the first processors based on the Sandy Bridge-E architecture, MSI released two new LGA 2011 motherboards one of these featuring support for 128GB of RAM according to the company.

The motherboard is question is called the GD65-X79A (8D) and in Europe this comes with a recommended price of 259€, or about $355 US.

In order to enable the motherboard to support this much memory, the GD65-X79A (8D) was designed to include no less than eight DDR3 sockets which MSI states are compatible with 16GB memory modules.

The only problem is that no DDR3 maker builds such high capacity DIMMs, so for now users will be limited at pairing the GD65-X79A (8D) with 8GB sticks for a total of “just” 64GB.