Firefox 32-bit vs Firefox 64-bit

2015-Dec-24 | Tags: 32vs64firefox

Start64!I was excited to try the new 64 bit Firefox as I read the news that it was released as a final version. After all, I’m using 64 bit Windows for some years now, and browsers have been very late to release their 64 bit versions. Read on how I compared if Firefox works better in 32 or 64 bit and see the numerical results below.

I’m using Firefox with many tabs simultaneously open (around 80) and at any time there’s around 30 – 40 tabs loaded and clicked on in every session. I also try not do restart Firefox if not needed. Sometimes I have to do it because of a new Firefox update, sometimes because it crashes, and sometimes because it stops being responsive. That being said, Firefox is a huge resource hog on all my systems, by far the biggest. I have noticed much better Firefox performance after I upgraded to Windows 10. The memory footprint of Firefox before the upgrade grew up to 3-4 GB, but after upgrade it rarely reached above 1,5 GB. That made me happy because it also meant that I need to do less Firefox restarts to make it faster.