Qt Creator 3.4.0 Officially Released, Supports 64-bit Android Toolchains

2015-Apr-24 | Tags: android

Start64!On April 23, the Qt Creator development team, through Eike Ziller, had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of Qt Creator 3.4.0, a release that introduces a number of new features and improvements meant to boost the usability of the software.

According to the release notes, Qt Creator 3.4.0 introduces an all-new refactoring action in the C++ support, which will help Qt developers move all function definitions out of a class declaration. In addition, Qt 5 style connects receive auto-completion for slots and signals.

A locator filter, called "All Included C/C++ Files," has been introduces as well in Qt Creator 3.4.0, allowing users to quickly find all files that are used in their projects by including them, no matter if the respective files are explicitly mentioned in the project or not.