Oxide announces cross platform, mutli-threaded, 64 bit engine

2013-Oct-24 | Tags: game

Start64!When it comes to game engines, things are a lot easier nowadays. Go back 10-15 years and developers didn’t have pre-packaged offerings from Crytek, or Epic Games to utilise, they had to build their own physics engine and their own animation systems. Still, while there are a lot of great FPS offerings and real cross platform development options with something like Unity, you don’t hear much in the way of strategy engines. Well that’s what Oxide has been working on.

Made up of a who’s-who list of game developers, API builders and designers, Oxide wants to offer the world a cross-platform, 64bit 3D engine, with really strong multi-core support and designed with strategy titles in mind. Known as Nitrous, this development has already drawn the attention of a few game producers, so it might not be long before new strategy titles land that easily compete with the likes of Total War: Rome II in performance and visuals.

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