Could I use a 64-bit iPad 5 or a Surface 2 as my main work computer?

2013-Oct-10 | Tags: 32vs64applemicrosoft

Start64!Summary: We've asked these sorts of questions before, but now we have (or are about to have) a new crop of even more capable hardware. ZDNet's David Gewirtz put it to the acid test: could either serve as his main computer?

As we get ready for the next batch of Apple announcements (most likely the iPad 5 and a new iPad mini) on October 22, there's been some discussion about whether the iPad 5 (which will likely sport a 64-bit processor) can do the heavy lifting of a main work computer.

To be fair, we've covered the iPad (and tablets in general) as work computers before, and — depending on what you do for work — the answer has been generally positive.

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