Steel-batallion-64 Installation

2012-May-07 | Tags: drivergameinstallyoutube

Start64!The Steel batallion is the de-facto controller for Mech Simulation games. It included 39 buttons and 10 axes, making it incompatible with standard Windows Joystick classes. If you went to you would be able to download Windows Drivers if you were running a 32 bit system. Support for Windows 7 64-bit was non-existent until now. This program leverages the work done by PPJoy and to allow real-time updates of a joystick by running a program.

This device was previously up and running on Windows 7 64-bit, but it lacked the connection to PPJoy to allow it to actually function as a windows joystick. I've also added key emulation to bypass the 32 button Windows joystick limit, as well as ini configuration and a few special tricks you'll be able to see in this video...

Steel-batallion-64 Installation - YouTube