IE 10, 'MoBro' tidbits leak ahead of Windows 8 CP launch

2012-Feb-29 | Tags: internet explorermicrosoftwindows8

Start64!Internal Microsoft notes reveal new information about "MoBro" (Modern Browser) and a 64-bit only "Enhanced Protected Mode" - Yesterday, I stumbled upon what appears to be presentation notes from an undisclosed "IE readiness meeting" that took place between the IE leads and Eric Lawrence, Product Manager on the IE team, just weeks after the 2011 BUILD conference.

The notes have been online for several months now, though no one seems to have either seen them or taken notice. They do contain mostly well-known IE features, but also at least one unknown feature of IE 10.

The notes are available here, though they are likely to be removed soon.

While most of this was discussed at BUILD, the notes give some hints about lesser-known or even unknown performance improvements in WinInit (Windows Internet API), JavaScript and the limitations of the Metro-style Internet Explorer 10. Here are the highlights:

Mystery of the "Enhanced Protected Mode" (EPP) in IE 10 x64

One feature that struck me immediately is the implementation of a new feature dubbed "Enhanced Protected Mode" (EPP). The note reads: