VLC 2.0 to get Blu-ray support in OS X, 64-bit in Windows

2012-Feb-14 | Tags: applecodecfreewaremedia playermp3video

Start64!VideoLAN says it is working on a major v2.0 update of VLC, the group's free, open-source media player software. The project is described as a complete rewrite, one which will add major features to different platforms. The Mac version, for instance, will gain Blu-ray playback, a native fullscreen mode in Lion, and an overhauled interface, closer in appearance to iTunes. Media formats, for instance, are situated in a left-hand column.

Windows users will have access to a 64-bit version. Some planned multi-edition changes include a revised subtitle manager, improved video output modes, and support for multiple videos stored inside RAR files. Lua-based extensions will handle functions like posting to Twitter, fetching movie data from Allociné, and automatically retrieving subtitles.