Batman: Arkham City 64bit DX11 problems fixed with patch

2011-Dec-08 | Tags: game

Start64!Finally, Batman: Arkham City recieves its desperately needed PC patch via Steam auto-update, fixing the crippling DirectX 11 performance issues that most people with a relatively new video card have been expieriencing. "We have just released a patch for Batman: Arkham City PC that provides fixes a variety of DX 11 issues, as well as fixes for a few other non-DX 11 related issues."

Don't get too excited quite yet however, because the DX11 fixes implemented in this patch only take care of those of you running Vista and Windows 7 64bit. "Users running Windows 7 32 bit or Windows Vista 32 bit should ONLY use DX 9 settings until a future patch that addresses this specific issue is released. We are actively working to address the remaining issue tied to DX 11 for users running 32 bit versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7."