Start64!This is a simple example on writing, compiling, and debugging Solaris 64-bit x86 assembly language with a C program. This is also referred to as "AMD64" assembly. The term "AMD64" is used in an inclusive sense to refer to all X86 64-bit processors, whether AMD Opteron family or Intel 64 processor family. Both run Solaris x86.

Start64!Microsoft made available this week for public testing a build of a new 64-bit .Net compiler built by the company's .Net runtime code-generation team. The new just-in-time compiler is codenamed "RyuJIT."("Ryujin" is the deity of the sea in Japanese mythology.)

Start64!I will show you how to setup NetBeans to create 64-bit C/C++ Windows executables with NetBeans 7.4. This will also allow you to create and compile 64-bit GNU Assembly (GAS) programs. The first thing you need to do if install Oracle JDK and NetBeans 7.4. I will not go over this as it is clearly documented.

Displaying all argv in x64 assembly

2013-Jul-25 | Tags: howtolearnprograming

Start64!The Performance Zone is supported by New Relic and AppDynamics. Both are leaders in the APM space with high-profile customers and massive cost reductions for those users. Recently I’ve been doing some x64 assembly hacking, and something I had to Google a bit and collect from a few places is how to go over all command-line arguments (colloquially known as argv from C) and do something with them.

Start64!The 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 can support more RAM than the 32-bit versions of these products. When lots of memory is added to a computer, a paging file may not be required. When you use the Memory-Pages/sec counter to measure paging file use, the value that is returned may not be accurate. To obtain an accurate measurement of paging file use, you must also use other performance counters. You can use System Monitor measurements to calculate the size of the paging file that your computer requires.

Start64!A standards organization has created a boot environment for tablets and PCs that could potentially run a 64-bit version of Windows RT.

Start64!Big thank you to all who've sent in Imogen plugins, they're excellent, Keep em' coming folks! This tutorial we'll look at some of the 256 bit SIMD, AVX instructions briefly then code the negate algorithm from last tute using them.

Start64!In this tute we'll look at coding a C++ algorithm to negate a 128bpp image. This will be a benchmark to beat for the ASM versions we'll code next. Most of this tutorial is about interacting with .Net 4.5 from native code.

Start64!A DECADE AGO AMD released the first Opteron processor and with it the first 64-bit x86 processor. AMD's lavish New York launch for the Opteron processor was far more than a product launch, it was AMD showing it could reproduce the success of the Athlon K7 chip and take the fight to Intel by developing ground breaking new features and not just one-upping its rival on some benchmarks. The firm's Opteron processor brought 64-bit computing to the commodity x86 chip market, along with an on-die memory controller and the Hypertransport bus all in one product.

Start64!One of the key decisions during a XenDesktop design is whether to use the 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) version of the Windows desktop operating system. I’ve seen a few projects falter because they’ve opted for the 64-bit version without really thinking this decision through and I want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

ARMH: Pondering the 64-Bit Server Future

2013-Mar-26 | Tags: armserver

Start64!ARM Holdings (ARMH) director of marketing Ian Thornton was in town today and was kind enough to stop by the Barron’s offices. We talked a bit about one of the next substantial frontiers for the company and its partners, 64-bit memory addressing, which is most likely to show up in server and equipment products, although Thornton also had some thoughts on 64-bit in mobile devices, which you can read in an earlier post.

Start64!Summary: Cavium releases the SDK for 64-bit Project Thunder - Integrated semiconductor provider Cavium, who announced back in August 2012 that they would be applying their significant experience in the multi-core MIPS and ARM embedded processor market to the next generation general purpose 64-bit ARM processor, yesterday announced the next step in their Project Thunder 64-bit ARM effort; the availability of the Project Thunder Software Development Platform kit

Start64!A short video showing how to import a virtual machine/appliance in virtual box. Also shows what the errors you receive if virtualization is not enabled in your computers bios

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