Microsoft Explains Why Windows 10 32-Bit Is Still Needed

2015-Jan-11 | Tags: 32or6432vs64learnmicrosoftupgradewin10-64bit

Start64!A few days ago, Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insider Program, confirmed in a short tweet that Windows 10 would also launch with a 32-bit SKU, thus putting an end to some weird rumors pointing out that Microsoft wants to step away from this architecture type with the new OS version.

In new tweets posted today, Aul also talks more about the need to develop Windows 10 for 32-bit configurations, explaining that, despite what many people think, this particular CPU architecture is still being used by many Windows customers out there.

The Microsoftie previously said that there were “100s of millions of existing 32bit PCs that are upgradeable,” suggesting that, without a 32-bit version of Windows 10, all these computers would have to stick to an older Windows version or move to a completely different platform, most likely Linux.