64-bit Androids are here; should you care?

2014-Sep-04 | Tags: 32vs64androidsmartphonetablet

Start64!When it comes to desktop and laptop computing, 64-bit is pretty much a given, though many apps are still stuck in 32-bit limbo, running quietly alongside their 64-bit siblings. What’s really nice is that you don’t even notice the difference whether they’re 32-bit or 64-bit, the apps just work. Now, 64-bit Androids are here – sort of.

I was first in line back when 64-bit was coming to desktop computers. Jumping to 64-bit meant a new motherboard, new hardware, and most importantly, a new CPU. To take full advantage of all this new hardware, a 64-bit operating system complete with 64-bit drivers were required. Luckily, when the new consumer hardware was available, the 64-bit consumer OS was also ready to go. However, thanks to the way the hardware was built, you didn’t need to jump to 64-bit right away. You could stick with 32-bit until you were ready, and many did.