64-Bit Mobile Computing – It Takes an Ecosystem

2014-Feb-25 | Tags: intellearn

Start64!The world of enterprise IT must pay attention any time a true development is made in mobile technology. Internally, the business might consider upgrading devices, while externally, mobile consumers will be affected and the organization’s mobile strategy might need adjustment. 64-bit computing is one of those mobile development worthy of enterprise IT’s attention.

64-bit computing is not a brand new subject, of course. Intel has led the field for more than a decade – the 64-bit was the natural evolution of the 4-bit processor. And more than seven years ago, Intel and Apple collaborated on a 64-bit solution, combining Mac OS and Intel processors.

So while 64-bit computing has been around, the exciting development we’re seeing today is 64-bit computing’s official entrance in the mobile world! And as consumers – and employees – start to purchase devices with 64-bit hardware platforms, their tech needs will change.

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