Another step forward for ARM in the datacenter

2013-Feb-03 | Tags: armserver

Start64!Summary: Cavium releases the SDK for 64-bit Project Thunder - Integrated semiconductor provider Cavium, who announced back in August 2012 that they would be applying their significant experience in the multi-core MIPS and ARM embedded processor market to the next generation general purpose 64-bit ARM processor, yesterday announced the next step in their Project Thunder 64-bit ARM effort; the availability of the Project Thunder Software Development Platform kit

The SDK includes everything that developers will need to start building custom applications for the Project Thunder ARMv8 64-bit CPUs, with UEFI-compliant firmware to boot OS images, a full Linux operating system, and all of the device drivers and utilities for the Project Thunder platform components.

Everything is in place for the porting of middleware applications as well as common full applications such as web servers. Special attention has been paid to Cavium’s goal of porting datacenter and cloud management applications and the development of applications focused on cloud workload, dynamic provisioning and upgrade-on-the fly capabilities.

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