Dell Intros 64-Bit ARM-Based X-Gene Server at Open Compute Summit

2013-Jan-17 | Tags: armserver

Start64!Since the world likes open standards, which anyone can use and build upon without fear of reprisals or need for licensing fees, Dell decided to attend the Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara, California. Advanced Micro Devices and Intel both tried to steal the show, with their Open 3.0 and Silicon Photonics technologies.

Dell isn't making it easy for them though. In fact, the company has managed to capture quite a bit of attention by promoting an ARM-based solution.

Since the ARM architecture no longer has its biggest problem (lack of 64-bit support), Dell took advantage of that.

Its project culminated in the collection of X-Gene 64-bit ARM-based servers. The one brought to the summit is called Dell Iron.

Iron can have up to six ARM servers per board, leading to a top number of 72 ARM servers in a single 3-unit case.

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