Register Today For Our Win7, 64-bit App Webinar

2012-Aug-25 | Tags: gamelearnmicrosoftserverwow64

Start64!Join Experts Exchange and systems management and admin virtuoso Darwin on September 13th from 11am- 12pm PDT for a Windows 7 and 64-bit app webinar. Darwin will present an overview of WOW64 design and outline problem areas for managing application files and registry settings. The session includes walkthroughs using scripting and shell extension toolkit that makes production script adaptation effortless for shell scripting. In this hour-long presentation, Darwin will discuss:

  • 64-bit Ready software is not what you think it is
  • WOW64: Games Windows plays to keep 32-bit apps running
  • Adapting your app management practices for 64-bit
  • Keeping scripts running smoothly on 64-bit (incl. co-existence w/ 32-bit Windows)

Limited spots are available so register today!

About the presenter: Darwin is a subject matter expert and instructor at for Application Compatibility, Packaging and Virtualization on Windows 7 and 8. He has over 20 years of experience in systems management and administration. He has had long-running experience with applications on many platforms including OS/400, OS/2, Linux and all versions of Windows. He trains advanced topics and enterprise strategy workshops for the packaging and provisioning of Windows applications.