PC Games Will Soon Require 64-Bit Windows

2012-May-23 | Tags: 32to64gamememory

Start64!It’s been one of those days for PC gamers. You know the ones, where the gaming world turns and politely says “Fuck you” in your face. Earlier today we reported on how PC gamers playing Diablo III have nearly no defense against hackers who want to steal their account, and now this. EA has started rolling this potentially dangerous ball, by saying that as of next year most of their titles for PC will require 64-bit Windows.

What does that mean my not so tech savvy friends? Well, it works like this. If you have less than 4GB of RAM in your PC, you should be running a 32-bit version of windows. If you have more, you should be running a 64-bit version. So basically anyone with a system below 4GB of RAM will have a hard time running any games that come from EA, which include Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Crysis and Mass Effect. EA has revealed that come 2012 a whole range of titles using DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine – the one powering games such as Battlefield 3 – will need a 64-bit operating system to even run. So yeah, it’s just games with Frostbite 2 for now, but don’t expect this to be a once off thing.

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