Debian-Based siduction 2017.1.0 OS Gets Linux Kernel 4.10, Drops 32-bit Support

2017-Mar-08 | Tags: debianonly64

Start64!To kick off the new year, the developers of the Debian-based siduction GNU/Linux distribution have announced the release and immediate availability of version 2017.1.0.

The last siduction release was version 2016.1 "Patience," launched on Christmas Eve last year, so it took the development team about two months to put together siduction 2017.1.0, which is the first one to be released in 2017. However, the operating system remains based on the Debian Unstable (a.k.a. Debian Sid) repositories.

There are many good news for siduction users in version 2017.1.0, starting with the fact that it comes with no less than nine flavors, with the KDE Plasma, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, LXQt, Cinnamon, and MATE desktop environments, as well as with the Openbox/Fluxbox window managers or without any graphical server at all (noX).