Official Arch Linux ISO Image to Drop 32-bit (i686) Support Starting March 2017

2017-Jan-25 | Tags: only64

Start64!Arch Linux developer Bartłomiej Piotrowski is announcing the upcoming deprecation of 32-bit (i686) support from the official ISO image of the popular rolling release operating system.

For now, it's only a draft message on their arch-dev-public mailing list, but it will soon be published on the official Arch Linux website for all users, and it means that the forthcoming February 1, 2017 release of Arch Linux will be the last one provided as a dual-arch ISO image, for both 64- and 32-bit hardware platforms.

Starting with the March 1, 2017 release, the official Arch Linux ISO won't be a dual-arch one, but only a 64-bit image, which means that you won't be able to install the operating system on a 32-bit computer, if you still have one of those around. However, 32-bit support for existing systems is not going away anytime soon.