CrossOver 16 Debuts with Support for Microsoft Office 2013, 64-bit Windows Apps

2016-Dec-14 | Tags: appleemulatormicrosoft

Start64!CodeWeavers' Josh DuBois informs Softpedia today, December 13, 2016, about the general availability of the final release of CrossOver 16.0.0 commercial graphical user interface for Wine.

CrossOver 16 is now the most advanced stable release of the commercial software that allows GNU/Linux and Mac OS X users to run applications and games designed only for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and it looks like the biggest new feature is support for installing and running the Microsoft Office 2013 office suite.

"You can install Microsoft Office 2013 with CrossOver using your Office 365 subscription, and you can also use a standalone license. Microsoft Project 2013, Visio 2013, and Outlook 2013 are not yet supported, but each of those are under active development and we plan to add support for them soon," said Josh DuBois in the press announcement.