Pearl Linux 1.5 Is a Pear OS Clone and Now It Has a 64-bit Version

2015-Jan-06 | Tags: appledebianfreewareubuntu

Start64!Pearl Linux was released a couple of months ago as a natural successor of the much more famous Pear OS, which disappeared mysteriously. Now, the 64-bit edition has been released as well.

When Pearl Linux 1.0 was made available, only the 32-bit edition was ready for testing. Most of the computers today are using 64-bit processors, so it's a shame when an operating system can't take advantage of that particular feature. It's true that Pearl Linux is far from being a powerhouse, but it's still nice to have the option.

It might not seem like a big upgrade, but it's more than just the 64-bit support for the OS. There are also many applications out there that only provide 64-bit support, and it's difficult to use them on 32-bit systems, if not impossible. It wasn't something announced, but it's here nonetheless.