Wine 1.5.22 Gets New Gecko Engine and ARM64 Support

2013-Jan-20 | Tags: armgamevirtualization

Start64!Alexandre Julliard announced on January 4 a new development version of the Wine app, which brings assorted bug fixes and improvements. As usual, the number of new features and bug fixes in the development version of Wine (Wine is Not An Emulator) is quite large, even if we don’t take the important changes into account.

This latest version doesn’t feature a lot of major changes and improvements, like the previous ones, but there are some interesting fixes.

Highlights of Wine 1.5.22:


  • A new version of the Gecko engine has been implemented;
  • Support for the ARM64 platforms has been implemented;
  • Fixes for RTL text in Uniscribe have been implemented;
  • RemoveFontResourceEx has been added. Previously, certain games would go into an infinite loop (Fifa Manager 2007, Neuro Hunter, Prince of Persia 3D);
  • Shifted register dataprocessing operators have been added to Thumb2 disassembler;
  • Win7 psdk no longer fails to install;


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