VectorLinux 64-bit 7.0 Has Xfce 4.8


Start64!The latest version of VectorLinux 64-bit, 7.0, also dubbed VLocity Linux, has been released and it comes with a lot of updates and new features. VectorLinux 7.0 64-bit, dubbed VLocity, is based upon Xfce 4.8, with a custom theme and artwork that is unique to the distribution.

All the VectorLinux trademarks are included: DVD playback, audio and video codecs, multimedia and Java plugins are installed and working out of the box.

The best apps of the open source world are included: GIMP and Shotwell for image edition and viewing; Firefox and Opera for Internet browsing; K3B for CD burning; lots of miscellaneous applications such as VLC, Libreoffice, Mplayer, and so on.