openSUSE 12.1 64-bit review - Not good, I'm afraid

2011-Nov-26 | Tags: suse

Start64!There are going to be two openSUSE 12.1 reviews on Dedoimedo this autumn. This first one, on my high-end laptop with a proper Nvidia card, 64-bit and whatnot. The second will target a much older laptop, a T60p beast with a processor capable of 32-bit instruction sets only and a graphics card that runs on coal. Today, it's i5, dual boot, external disk installation, virtualization, desktop effects, and all that.

Before we go any further, let's have a short introduction. Anyhow, my first Linux encounter was with SUSE. My first Dedoimedo Linux article was about SUSE. I have been a loyal user for the past five years, always liking, always using, alternating between KDE and Gnome releases. Now, following a super-fiasco with Fedora, I swore I would not touch Gnome 3 for the foreseeable future of a thousand summers, so it's KDE only. I freshly downloaded the images from the openSUSE servers on the very day of the official release and began what would turn out to be a revolutionary test.