64-bit Intel

  • Intel Announces 64-Bit Bay Trail Chip for Tablets for Next Year

    Start64!Not wanting to be left behind and forgotten in the “who’s first to 64-bit” battle, Intel has announced that new devices coming out with Bay Trail (Intel’s tablet chip platform) sometime in 2014 will have 64-bit support enabled. Unlike ARM, Intel doesn’t need a new ISA, because they were already using the same x86-x64 ISA of theirs, it’s just that the 64-bit parts in the new Atom chips have been disabled, to lower costs.

  • Intel Atom SoC roadmap updated, new chips and 64-bit Android tablets on the horizon

    Start64!Intel still has a lot of work to do to cut in to ARM's hold on the tablet and smartphone market share, but as we head into 2014, the company is pulling out all the stops. Today a new Atom system on a chip (SoC) roadmap detailed Intel's plans for 2014 and 2015, with the goal of increasing CPU performance by five times and GPU performance by 15 times by 2016.

  • Intel's 64 Bit Weapon

    Start64!At the Intel Developer Forum, I attended a talk by Silvermont (that's Intel's latest low power microarchitecture) lead architect and Intel (INTC) Fellow Belli Kuttanna. Now, in addition to walking away very impressed with Mr. Kuttanna's sheer technical knowledge and ability to communicate that to a crowd, I also felt confident that Intel's mobile CPU cores would be best-in-class going forward.

  • 2015: 64-bit ARM chips in iPhone 5S serve up taste of Intel-free future for Apple

    Start64!Like many others on the East Coast, I spent my lunch hour going through the various computer industry liveblogs of Apple's iPhone 5C and 5S launch event. While many of the things we heard about both devices were covered extensively in various leaks and analysis in weeks prior, by far the most the most important new thing that was announced at the event was that the iPhone 5S uses a 64-bit ARM chip of Apple's own design, the A7.

  • Intel Linux Graphics Installer Fixed For Ubuntu 64bit

    Start64!About a month ago, Intel released a tool that allows Linux users to easily upgrade to the latest Intel graphics drivers. The tool comes with a repository used for the driver updates and it's available for Ubuntu (12.10 and 12.04) and Fedora (17 and 18). The repository had some multi-arch issues on Ubuntu 64bit, but they seem to have been fixed, at least according to my test.

  • Intel Delivers the World's First 6-Watt Server-Class Processor

    Start64!SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 11, 2012 – Intel Corporation introduced the Intel® Atom™ processor S1200 product family today, delivering the world's first low-power, 64-bit server-class system-on-chip (SoC) for high-density microservers, as well as a new class of energy-efficient storage and networking systems. The energy-sipping, industrial-strength microprocessor features essential capabilities to achieve server-class reliability, manageability and cost effectiveness.

  • Intel OpenGL Performance: OS X vs. Windows vs. Linux - The 64-bit (x86_64) version of each operating system was used

    Start64!As mentioned last week when publishing the OS X 10.8 vs. Ubuntu Linux benchmarks, a large Intel OpenGL driver performance comparison was being carried out at Phoronix. The comparison is now compete and here are the results when comparing the Intel HD OpenGL graphics performance under Apple OS X 10.8, Microsoft Windows 7 Pro, and Ubuntu Linux 12.04/12.10. The results of this Intel OpenGL gaming performance comparison are quite interesting, but reveal some troubling Linux facts.

  • ARM and TSMC Sign 64-Bit Deal, Intel's Last Advantage Gone

    Start64!The ARM v8 architecture has already been acknowledged as the great accomplishment that will pull the architecture out of the confines of the mobile market, and now we know who will help ARM Holding the most: TSMC.

  • Intel Cedar Trail Atom Won't Receive 64-bit or DirectX 10.1 Graphics Driver

    Start64!With the launch of the Cedarview architecture Intel was expected to bring DirectX 10.1 support to its Atom CPU series, but recent reports suggest this is no longer the case as the chip maker has decided to re-focus its driver development efforts on Windows 8.